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Vayosoft MoBackup Overview

More than 50% of mobile owners reported they had their phone stolen or lost in the last three years (according to BBC News/Technology). Cellular phone users upgrade their phones, on average, once every one to two years (according to In-Stat/MDR's survey).

Backup of mobiles information has become essential with the growth in use of cellular phones. The demand for over the wireless network solutions is in its starting point, yet only few applications are available today. Cellular operators expect 15%-25% of their customers to adopt the backup service two years after launch.

MoBackup solution allows subscribers to backup their device data, including: internal, external and USIM based phonebook, personal content (PIM) and personal media content, regardless of device OS.

The service is based on a client-server architecture. The client is an application located on the device. Servers may be hosted by Vayosoft or located at operator's farm).

The client allows subscribers to synchronize and restore their device's content from a user friendly application.

The server also support interfacing with other website applications for exporting content (eg. Facebook etc.)